Watch What you Touch at Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Headstones

Be careful where you walk or what you touch at Evergreen Cemetery.  Some of the headstones topple over easily.  It seems that the staff just doesn’t care enough to set the grave stones on a proper foundation.  They just prop them up when they get knocked down, only to fall again when the lawn mower drives by.

The maintenance staff is careless with the lawnmower.  It appears that they smacked this headstone while joy riding on the lawn mower and broke it in three.  Nice job guys.

Broken headstone at evergreen cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery Owner Disciplined Again by State of California

The state of California has been disciplining Evergreen Cemetery owner Tony Soo Hoo for over 11 years.  Isn’t it about time the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of the State of California buried Tony Soo Hoo?

Click the link below to read the legal cases and complaints against Evergreen Memorial Care, Inc.

In the Matter of the Accusation Against:
Evergreen Memorial Care, Inc
DBA Evergreen Cemetery

Are you outraged on how the State of California continues to slap the hands of Tony Soo Hoo with probation year after year?  This crook should be kicked out of our neighborhood and never allowed to step anywhere near Boyle Heights.

Comment below on what you think should be done to restore decency and honor to our neighborhood and our loved ones interred at Evergreen Cemetery.

Evergreen Cemetery’s Owners License Revoked for Compton Cemetery in 2001

Compton Cemetery’s License Is Revoked

Regulations: The state cites numerous violations, including the burial of several bodies per grave.


State officials Wednesday revoked the license of a Compton cemetery accused of grave desecration and failure to properly dispose of human remains.

The revocation was part of a settlement reached between the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cemetery and Funeral Bureau and Evergreen Memorial Care Inc., owner of Woodland Cemetery in Compton and Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Under the settlement, Woodlawn must be sold or transferred to new owners within 270 days of the revocation of its license, which takes effect March 22, said Tracy Weatherby, a spokeswoman for the bureau.

The owners also must retain a bureau-approved third party to provide for maintenance and public visitation of the 120-year-old cemetery, where no future burials will be permitted, she said.

“Revocation is the most severe discipline the bureau can impose, and it is reserved for the most egregious violations,” said Glen V. Ayers, chief of the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. “But we are doing more than revoking a license: We are also looking to the future by providing recourse for those who purchased graves at Woodlawn and by finding long-term solutions for the care of the cemetery.”

Attorney Stephan Sadowsky, who is representing Evergreen Memorial Care, said, “It’s a fair settlement. Given the history of Woodlawn, where the current owners inherited these problems from prior owners . . . it serves to protect the innocent consumers who were injured.”

The owners must set aside 200 graves at Evergreen Cemetery and create a $50,000 fund to provide cash payments to customers with rights at Woodlawn they can no longer use, Weatherby said. They also must pay $210,000 in investigation and prosecution costs.

The bureau revoked Evergreen Cemetery’s license, but that revocation was stayed and the license was placed on five years’ probation.

Woodlawn was shut down in March after state investigators found bone fragments scattered about and discovered that cemetery operators had created 16 multiple graves by cutting across the existing graves of 48 bodies. They found that 61 bodies were buried in the 16 new multiple graves.

The bureau charged Evergreen Memorial Care with grave desecration, unlawful interment of more than one body in a single grave without proper authority, failure to properly dispose of human remains, failure to inter cremated remains, failure to keep adequate records of ownership of transfer of plots, and unlawful expenditure of Woodlawn and Evergreen endowment funds.

The settlement applies only to licensing disciplinary proceedings before the bureau and has no effect on civil or criminal actions. At least one civil lawsuit is pending in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Man Says Aunt’s Grave is Missing From Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery Los Angeles HeadstoneAs I traverse the Internet looking for clues at to why headstones and deceased relatives are missing from Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles, I came upon this Yelp review.

My friend loves old cemeteries. I think they are kind of cool, so I don’t mind tagging along with her to go look at old headstones. They are pretty, and many of the older ones are very unique in comparison to the modern headstones.

This is a very old cemetery from the late 1800′s. It is massive and would take hours to go through the entire thing. We spent about an hour in here the other day.

It’s sad how run down this place is. Some of the sections we looked at no longer have grass and have been taken over by weeds. There are headstones completely covered in crabgrass and you can no longer see them. There are headstones that have fallen over and are broken.

We saw a family visiting a grave and they brought their own hose to keep the grass alive around their loved ones plot.

We met a man who said his aunt’s grave was missing and he was looking all over for it.

Pretty place, historical, but very deteriorated and sad.

It’s outrageous how this cemetery takes advantage of the elderly and the dead. It wouldn’t surprise me if the owners purchased their own cemetery plots from the Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Evergreen Cemetery is Never Green

Evergreen Cemtery is Never GreenEvergreen Cemetery should really be named NeverGreen cemetery.  The owner rarely waters the grass. He saves money on his water bill and even more cash on gasoline for his lawn mower.

The owner doesn’t even have the decency to level the headstones.  The palm trees in the photo above a straighter than most of the headstones on the property!

Notice how the headstones are sinking.  Why are they sinking and tipping over?  Could it be due to coffin removals during midnight raids and hasty back filling before visitors arrive the following morning?

Family Finds Grandfather’s Grave Marker Missing at Evergreen

Here’s an article I found in the LA times while doing some research regarding the Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times, March 09, 2010 by Ching-Ching Ni

Lillian Chung Wong, 98, remembers visiting the potter’s field outside Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights when she was a child to pay her respects to her grandfather, a railroad worker.

Then one day her family showed up for a visit and found nothing, not even the grave markers.

“There was no grass . . . just cement,” Chung Wong said. “So we stopped coming.”

Relatives Gravestones Missing From Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles

I received this comment today from Rowena. Here last name is not posted for her own protection. Several of her relatives were buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles.

“I received your message concerning Evergreen Cemetery. Has any of this been reported to anyone?? I took some photos when I visited in 2009, and I had hoped to take more on my next visit to Los Angeles. I think something is going on because of the disappearance of my grandparents grave stone. I have a lot of relatives buried there and I wanted the pictures for a family tree I am building.

If you receive any other information, please let me know. Thank you!”

Do you have any missing family or friends who were once buried at Evergreen Cemetery is East Los Angeles? Have you had trouble finding headstones at the cemetery. Do you get the run-around when discussing the issue with the office staff? If so, please comment below.